The Best Theme Parks in England

Many theme parks around our beautiful country have been criticised over the past few months, but I still believe that these are easily the best places to visit if you are looking for an action packed day out.

So I have put together a list of what we think are the top parks in the country:

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire.

Since it was founded in 1896, the Thompson family didn’t expect this amusement park to become anywhere as colossal as it is nowadays. Now a world-renowned park, it was voted the best theme park in the United Kingdom of 2014, so is there really any argument why we have chose it? Pleasure Beach is home to what was the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the world, when the “Big One” was opened back in 1994, no other ride in the world could compare to it, and nowadays not many other rides in England gives you the thrill you get when you ride the “Big One”.

Alton Towers, Staffordshire.

We all know Alton Towers has been at the centre of a storm recently with what has recently happened on its newly built rollercoaster “The Smiler” and we totally understand this, but what we also understand is that Alton Towers is one of the most beautiful theme parks in the world and no wonder with the famous towers which stand over the park and the eccentric gardens which surround the rides.

Not only does the amusement park boast some of the worlds most thrilling rollercoasters such as Nemesis, Oblivion and Rita but it also plays host to a wonderful waterpark which has everything you can ask for in a day out in a waterpark – it really is a special place!

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Thorpe Park, Surrey. Thorpe Park is home to some of the countries most thrilling rides, the Park now targets the young adult audience after a substantial investment in crazy rides like SAW: The Side and SWARM – but don’t worry this isn’t just for teenagers, it also hosts the world-renowned Nemesis Inferno along with other fantastic rides such as Stealth, Flying Fish and Colossus.

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How to organise a business event

Events can be business, purely social or somewhere in between. The industry is growing at a rapid pace and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Research conducted by HBAA, the trade association for the hotel booking agency, apartment and venue community in the UK reveals that, ‘the events industry generated an annual income of £36.1 billion in 2010 which is estimated to increase by £48.4 billion by 2020.’


Events can be categorised into conferences, meetings, exhibitions and fairs, promotions and product launches, weddings, birthdays, official ceremonies, fundraising and social events. An event planner is responsible for the overall production, right from conception through to completion. The event planning checklist includes-

Liaising with the client to ascertain event requirements – A clear understanding of what clients want and expect is very crucial. Never do anything based on your assumptions. It is very important to gather as much information as possible from the client before proceeding.

Agreeing to and managing a budget – Sorting out the budget before preparing the proposal is crucial as you could end up wasting hours of work with something the client might not be able to afford.

Event design and detailed proposal – An event design refers to the overall theme of the event which includes décor, music, entertainment, lighting, props and so on. After sorting out the design, it is necessary to prepare a proposal for the client to discuss issues and come to an agreement on points that are laid out in the proposal.

Finding a venue – Choosing the right venue can make or break the success of an event. You have to take into consideration peak season so it is wise to look for a couple of venues instead of one so that you have the option to choose between 2 to 3 places.

Ensuring Insurance – Getting insurance for the event is important in case of an accident taking place. General liability insurance covers everything involved in the event such as the planner, caterers, venue etc.

Arranging and coordinating catering, décor, contractors and equipment hire – Coordinating involves supervising and executing all the details from setting up to tearing it down. It involves pre ordering everything and ensuring each vendor shows up on time and performs appropriately.

Organising transportation and parking facilities – Transportation facilities is usually outsourced to a transport provider for those that require transportation to and fro from the venue. For parking services it is usually prepared with manned points and equipment such as cones, rope, sign boards etc.

Co-ordinating staffing/volunteers requirements and briefings – Organising manpower for the event requires proper briefing and instruction. Draw out a plan and note down things to be assigned to each group and individual. Advertising for volunteers is a great way to keep cost down.

Invitation – Invitations should be send out weeks in advance. It is better to send out invitations not just by post but by email as well, this creates a good impression and invitees are pleased about the fact the organisers are going all the way to welcome them to the event.

New Year 2013 Events in Croydon UK

New Years Eve Events in CroydonNew year’s eve, just like Christmas, comes but once. Chances are you do not want to miss an opportunity to make a big day out of it. Just as anywhere else in the world, it is now all systems go in anticipation of the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Hate it or love it, the New Year is just around the corner. Preparations are in top gear as hotels, restaurants and other entertainment places position themselves to make a kill on that day. Short of any unforeseen inconveniences, there is a lot to expect from New Years Eve Events in Croydon. Indisputably, the New Year’s Eve is billed as the biggest night in the clubbing calendar. Continue reading →

The Top 5 Christmas Events in Croydon, UK 2013

Christmas is just around the corner; the festivities are about to begin time of the year where everyone wants to party, have fun. Haven’t planned for the run up to Christmas yet? Let’s check out top five Christmas events in Croydon that will light up your Christmas. Croydon, one of the most energetic, youthful and modern towns in south London is all set to dazzle this Christmas. It is a popular location for the Christmas period those seeking lively events amongst the festive fun, as there are some of the best hotels in Croydon that are located in close proximity to the festive events. Continue reading →

Top 5 Attractions To See and Visit When Staying At Hotels in Croydon

Croydon MinsterLocated in the southern part of London, England, Croydon falls under the category of London’s metropolitan centres. The town lies between the transport corridor of central London and the south coast of England. Having started out as a small market town, it has grown tremendously as a result of the economic activities i.e. trade and tourism. The towns growth though, is mainly attributed to the opening of the railway line in the area as such fuelled the town to expound on its capacity.

As a result, it boasts of a number of tourist destinations that are a must for visiting, characterized by its robust culture. Accommodation is well catered for by the availability of world-class hotels in Croydon, and wonderful refreshment pubs such as the Spread Eagle that are both affordable and offer quality services. Continue reading →

Getting The Most Out Of Your Visit When Staying At Hotels In Croydon

croydon1Holidays are sacred, as they rescue us from all our anxieties. Considering today’s Hustle and Bustle it’s no less than bliss to be on a holiday. Choosing the right destination seems to be a decision difficult to arrive at. But the truth is that, any place could be utopia for you if you a have the zeal and inquisitiveness. Continue reading →

Visiting Tourist Attractions in Croydon When Staying At Hotels in Croydon

Croydon is a town within the county of Surrey but since 1965 it has been considered part of London. Croydon is a large busy urban town that has become increasingly popular with tourists all year round. The town is best known for its varied art and culture as well as the historical heritage. Croydon is a popular place for a relaxing weekend, a city break, or a family holiday. There are many hotels within the area to fit within your budget. Continue reading →

A History of Croydon Airport

Croydon Airport – An Introduction

airport2The Croydon airport in South London was the world’s first international airport and was the main airport for London before it was substituted by London Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport. It has earned a place in history, as it was the world’s first airport to adopt air traffic control and also boasts of the first air terminal. People would flock to visit the airport, often staying over in the Croydon Airport Hotel, which it was known as back then, and many other Croydon hotels. But the sad thing is that it is no longer functional and many people seemed to have forgotten about it as many people drive by barely noticing it.
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Why Hotels in Croydon Are Gaining Popularity

Thinking of Staying at a Croydon Hotel?

towncentreCroydon is a large town situated in the south of London. The town is ideally located for travellers who wish to avoid the congestion of the city yet remain close to London. For this reason, many hotels in Croydon are becoming increasingly popular. The affordability of price also makes staying in Croydon the number one destinations for the budget conscious tourists to England. These hotels are of varying standards; so the five star traveller as well as a budget traveller can have their needs met.
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Have a Memorable trip when staying at Croydon Hotels

Planning a Memorable Getaway…

When it comes to visiting new places, you need to check out what there is to do and what there is to see at your chosen destination. Whether your looking for a fun filled getaway with activities, enjoy visiting famous landmarks or viewing historical buildings, carrying out some brief research beforehand can make the whole getaway more enjoyable. Croydon has a range of activities and things to do.
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